About Us

We Here at Menscare™ have been online since 1998. Our first domaine name ever purhased was www.menscare.co.uk August 1998.

Menscare was the brainwave of a gentleman by the name Of Mr.Mark.Groombridge.

In 2001 we decided to register this trademark as It is not a dictionary word.

We have over 40 years of business involvements, but without a doubt Menscare™ was our big break through.

We was the 2nd online UK company to start selling online prescription medications with our main website www.menscare.com
This website Is still very much in demand as we try to keep it simple and easy to use a bit like all of our websites.

Jackie Groombridge is the managing director of the company, and as she will always say the customer always comes first, Not a bad pedigree to have In oneself especially as this is what we do make customers happy.

I really really hope that you enjoy surfing our website and please feel free to place a valued order.


Menscare™ customer support team.